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Air purifier

Room Air Purifier AFU-H14-MOB

High-frequency zone air purifier for efficient reduction of suspended particles and aerosol clouds in hospitals, laboratories, Cleanrooms and all areas with increased requirements.

The AFU-H14-MOB zone air purifier reduces the residence time and intensity of aerosol and particulate clouds directly at the installation site.
It is an innovative solution for establishing low-virus and low-pollutant clean air zones wherever they are needed – all it takes is a power connection.
Depending on the required air exchange rate, up to 320m³ of room air volume per hour can be filtered.
The air intake passes through a high-quality F7 filter.
The main filter is a so-called HEPA (H14) high-performance filter, which can separate airborne germs, viruses, dust, bacteria or spores.

Mobile room air filter units

High-frequency air cleaners are equipped with high-performance HEPA filters of class H14, which separate more than 99.995 % of all fine suspended particles larger than 0.1 µm and have a passage rate of only 0.005 %.
Or in other words: out of 100,000 particles, a maximum of only five pass through the H14 high-performance air filter.

Advantages for the practice:

  • Permanent air pollution control and virus filtering in zones with high public traffic or densely populated occupied zones.
  • Permanent air pollution control, virus and fine dust filtration in work zones with increased fine dust pollution.
  • Automatic filter regeneration by thermal virus decontamination of the specially developed, heat-resistant, high-performance H14 class HEPA filter with a collection efficiency of 99.995% at a particle size of 0.1 to 0.2 um.
  • “Clean-Zones-Areas”: establish safe occupied and working zones with virus-free filtered breathing air – individually dimensioned according to the number of devices and persons as well as the set air exchange rate.
  • “Plug & Play” – set up, plug in, switch on, done. Room filtration independent of existing air conditioning and ventilation systems.
  • Effective air filtration with F7 pre-filter and H14 HEPA main filter.
  • Adjustable discharge directions via flowstop orifice plate for demand-oriented flooding of clean air into the desired clean air zones.
  • Optimally matched system components for flexible applications in the fields of virus and dust protection.
  • Simple operation: Fully automatic, low-maintenance round-the-clock operation.
    Resource-saving: 100 % environmentally friendly, no chemicals, no installation effort.
  • High-quality materials and workmanship: “Made in Germany”. Fabrication, virus special filters with individual testing and test certificate.
  • Investment protection: Maximum profitability through loss-free air purification directly at the installation site.
  • Flexible placement: Always place the mobile AFU-H14-MOB where it is needed.

Room air purifier SH-LR15-MOB

This zone air purifier is very suitable for use in places of assembly, classrooms, stores and anywhere where it is necessary to quickly and effectively remove suspended particles and aerosol clouds from the indoor air.

It is also a mobile and compact solution with integrated pre-filter and HEPA post-filter (H14).


  • Effective protection against aerosols and viruses in indoor air.
  • Filtering of bacteria and suspended particles
    Power: 230 Volt, 500 W
  • Loudness: 39-64 dBA according to power level
    Volume flow with filter: 375-2500 m³/h
  • High air turnover with low

The room air cleaner SH-LR15-MOB has a particle separation efficiency of greater than 99.995% according to DIN EN 1822

Areas of application:

  • Schools, day care centers
  • Open-plan offices
  • Fitness studios
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Canteens
  • Public institutions, such as offices and authorities
  • Industry and manufacturing

Mobile room air filter units

Room air purifier FFU-SH-1206-Silent

The air filter units of type FFU-SH-1206-Silent are ceiling-mounted units. They are suspended at a distance of approx. 20 cm from the existing ceiling.
The electrical connection is made by means of a pluggable Schuko plug to a conventional 230V socket.
The unit then continuously draws in room air at the top and then pushes the air through an H14 (HEPA) filter into the room.

FFU-SH-1206-Silent air filter units are also called “Fan Filter Units” (FFU’s) and are used by the millions in all areas where highly filtered room air is required, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical production areas, microchip production, laboratories or the food industry.

The FFU type FFU-SH-1206-Silent is a device in which the sound emission during operation and the air flow have been optimized.

Special features:

  • A plug-in cable system is available for the power supply. Each unit is connected via the existing plug plate, minimizing the installation effort.
  • Minimal installation effort for power supply due to ready-to-plug-in cable system.
  • Can be used independently of mains frequency and supply voltage.
  • Particularly low-noise and vibration-decoupled.
  • Available in stainless steel, aluminum or powder-coated housing in a wide range of dimensions.
  • High power reserves with compact design.
  • A wide variety of control and regulation concepts available.
  • HEPA filters available in various separation efficiencies and materials

Performance data

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