Complete Cleanroom systems -

From planning and production to assembly and delivery


1. Concepts for air-filtration and safety installations in connection with the current Corona virus crisis


Any room can be fitted with a mobile Fan Filter Unit (FFU). This FFU comes in different dimensions, such as 600x600mm, 600x900mm or 1200x1200mm.

This fan filter unit combines low sound emission with compact dimensions. Running at only 310 watts @ 90 fpm it uses little energy. The unit comes standard with a pre-filter and two types of endfilters:

– High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter: 99.99% efficient @ 0.3µm particle size H14)

– Ultra-low Penetration Air (ULPA) Filter: 99.9995% efficient @ 0.12 µm (U15)

CE Marked, running at 230V, variable speed control on the unit. Airflow in the range of max. 1.000m³/h air filtration. Body made of aluminium, polished. Power connection by use a standard power cable (included), length 2m. Including a platform with 4 wheels. Ready to run.



The filters in use are manufactured and inspected in accordance with the requirements of the following Institute Of Environmental Sciences (IEST) recommended practices. IEST-RP-001.3 HEPA & ULPA filters IEST-RP-CC-002-86. Recommended Practice for Laminar Flow Clean Air Devices

The filter components are leak tested with a S3I AutoScanning machine and certified to meet the criteria. Each filter is tested at 99.9995% or greater efficiency at 0.12 micron. Each filter is tested in accordance with applicable requirements and a certification label is attached to the filter component of the unit.


FFU with a support frame made of aluminium. Open frame or alternatively closed walls made of PVC (clear curtains) or clear acrylic panels.

2. Upgrading existing hospital rooms with a room-in-room structure for intensive care patients – “Cleanroom Kits”

The optical and electronic industries in particular have high demands on Cleanroom technology. That is why we offer modular and flexible wall and ceiling systems that meet even the highest demands. Our Cleanroom technology for microelectronics includes:


Modular framed room-in-room structure. Aluminium frame with a closed ceiling and ceiling integrated lighting and one or more Fan Filter Units (FFU’s) for air-filtration. The dimensions of such rooms can be made to fit, in length and depth and height.

Each of these room-in-room structures come in different dimensions and in form of a “kit”. With only a few hand-tools they can easily be fitted together. Lighting as well as FFU’s can be placed in the ceiling and are ready to run (“plug-and-play”).

These modular room structures can be fitted with FFU’s only or can be connected to an existing airconditioning system or can be self-contained with an integrated air-flow system as shown below.

Our “Cleanroom-Kits” are made of individual pre-manufactured partition wall elements that are easily joined by use of a simple hand-tool (Torx-key). There is a variety of 7 different standardized room sizes available that allow the incorporation of hinged doors, strip-curtains, ceiling integrated lighting and Fan Filter Units. These kits can be supplied as single rooms or as a row of rooms with white partition walls instead of clear pvc/glass.

The following standard room sizes are available:

Different dimensions from the above calculated can be supplied by use of single pre-fabricated wall and ceiling elements.

3. Upgrading existing facilities, such as sports arenas or exhibition halls into emergency hospitals


Modular room structures, with or without a closed ceiling, with or without air-filtration units (FFU’s) in many different dimensions.

In order to counteract the increasing lack of treatment rooms, rooms, emergency hospitals or “corona outpatient clinics”, can be built with our modular partition system. This enables examinations to be carried out in spatially separated cabins in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the simple and therefore quick assembly and conversion, as well as the extensive accessories, the partition system is immediately ready for use and can be optimally adapted to the individual application.

Our supports, frames and panels can be assembled in numerous configurations and sizes into sleeping and living cabins.

The modular design makes it easy to take individual room conditions (escape routes, pillars, sloping floor plan, uneven floor) into account.

Our example page shows some options of how partition cabins can be built and equipped in emergency accommodation.

2 × 3 meter cabins (1 person)
3 × 3 meter cabins (4 persons)
4 × 4 meter cabins (6 persons)
5 × 5 meter cabins (12 persons)
6 × 6 meter cabins (16 persons)
Row construction with central aisle
H-row construction