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Quality and design

The specialists of Solutions and Handling SH GmbH offer you enclosures for different requirements. Our product portfolio includes both standard and customized laminar flow units. Our units can be used wherever Cleanroom conditions are needed within a limited space. What can we offer? Best quality, well-founded concepts and attractive prices.

We offer design, installation and qualification of the enclosure from a single source. A worldwide all-round service is also second nature to us. To ensure that our enclosures meet your requirements, we develop concepts that withstand various demands.

The right enclosure for every demand

Our product range of cleanroom enclosures and cleanroom technology satisfies almost every wish and covers many demanding areas. At Solutions and Handling SH GmbH you will find:

Cleanroom cabins for self-assembly: Our modular Cleanroom cabins are made of aluminum profile systems and are suitable for self-assembly and for ISO Class 8 – 5 applications. The wall and ceiling system is easy to install, the ceilings are self-supporting and are available with a length up to 5 meters. Fan Filter Units and lighting are inserted into the ceiling by means of a plug and play system.

Cleanroom “Softwall” solutions with PVC curtains and PVC strip curtains: If Cleanroom conditions of GMP Class D and ISO Class 7 and 8 are required within a confined space, Cleanroom “Softwall” solutions lend themselves as a low-cost and effective method. Fan Filter Units with HEPA and ULPA filters are mounted in a room-high rack. If necessary, the intake air can be pre-filtered by G 4 filters. These enclosures also include Cleanroom light fixtures as well as PVC curtains und strip curtains. These are used in pharmaceutical production and in microelectronics.

Laminar flow units as work benches and desk modules: The laminar flow technology is the basis for the production of microelectronics und medication as well as many other applications. Laminar air flows are generated by HEPA or ULPA filters in the laminar flow units and can be vertical and horizontal. In Safety Class 1, the work bench protects only the product, whereas both workers and the product are protected in Safety Class 2.

Machine enclosures or “Mini-Environments”: Our machine enclosures consist of air filter units (HEPA or ULPA filters), various enclosure systemslightingpressure monitors doors and hatches as well as the matching controls. Our “Mini-Environments” are supplied with active or passive material pass-throughs for Cleanrooms of ISO Class 1-8 and GMP Class A-D as well as change rooms and air showers.

Complete solutions with enclosures

The experienced team of Solutions and Handling SH GmbH is happy to advise you and help you find the perfect enclosure for the requirements of your industry. We are your reliable partner from planning to installation – even worldwide.