Complete clean room systems -

From planning and production to assembly and delivery

Our products


Our company offers customized cleanroom technology in Germany and worldwide. Whether pharmaceutical industry or applications in microelectronics, we are your partner.


Even in limited spaces, our enclosures can be set up quickly and easily and reliably comply with all cleanroom conditions. Read more!

Cleanroom ceilings

Our cleanroom ceilings are specially adapted to the requirements of a wide range of industries. We offer ceiling systems that leave nothing to be desired.

Ventilation systems

We offer you complete solutions worldwide for all aspects of ventilation technology, specially designed for the high requirements of cleanrooms.


Whether LED lights, air conditioning systems or cleanroom ceilings, we provide you with complete solutions for cleanroom technology. Learn more here!


Concepts for modern solutions of all kinds. Learn more here!



In our range you will find various high-quality accessories from cleanroom monitoring to material pass-throughs and furniture for cleanrooms.