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Air handling for Cleanrooms

Customized solutions from Kempen

Individual air handling technology is crucial to ensure that your Cleanroom meets all requirements and permits the production of high-quality products. Our company from Kempen offers you ventilation concepts that are tailored to your needs through the exclusive use of the best air handling components. We have specialized in complete customized solutions – for the benefit of the quality of your products.

We offer not only ventilation technology that is specifically designed for your application but also pays attention to cost optimization, which will ultimately reduce your operating costs.

Air purifier

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Everything around high-quality air handling – Fan Filter Units

Solutions and Handling SH GmbH has a broad range of ventilation components as well as a wide range of services for perfect ventilation in your Cleanroom. Our air filtration devices, the so-called Fan Filter Units (FFUs), are fitted with HEPA or ULPA filters and move air by means of an active fan. They are installed in the Cleanroom ceiling. The Cleanroom classification is achieved through the number of Fan Filter Units..

FFUs have many advantages. They permit to create Cleanrooms at low cost without excessive effort for air handling equipment. They also feature a low running noise level and an evenly distributed air flow. AC motors and innovative EC motors from leading manufacturers ensure the individual control of the FFUs as well as monitoring. With our new Low Energy modules you can also significantly reduce your operating costs.

Control and monitoring solutions for your air handling

We offer cost-efficient small solutions as well as individual large solutions in order to keep your Fan Filter Units in perfect running order. The ACC 1 can easily control up to 25 Fan Filter Units. A small LED monitor is all you need to monitor and fully control your system. Installation is also quickly and easily done via a standard LAN cable.

You can easily control your large installation with the ACC 7. Up to 400 FFUs can be grouped and controlled, with highly flexible control of single FFUs if required. Another advantage of this complete solution is its excellent cost-performance ratio.

Air-conditioning systems for perfect ventilation

Cleanrooms also need air-conditioning systems that supply the amount of fresh air needed in Cleanrooms. Since Cleanrooms activities generate process exhaust air and require pressure levels to be maintained, a portion of the air is exchanged through air-conditioning systems. Installed in the technical room, our quiet compact air-conditioning unit supplies Cleanrooms with fresh air through insulated ducting.

Compared with conventional system concepts, the combination of Fan Filter Units and air-conditioning unit transports only 20 % of the air through the ducting. This means that ducts with smaller cross-sections can be used, resulting in lower investment costs. Benefit from our experience and the combination of small compact units and FFU plenum solutions.

Keep everything under control with our monitoring

Proper monitoring is crucial for smooth Cleanroom operations. We provide the independent monitoring of room data, pressure, temperature and humidity. This is done with cost-efficient solutions from SieVisio.

Choose the right monitoring for:

  • Trion/Envirco Fan Filter Units (FFUs)
  • AirCare control and monitoring solutions for FFUs
  • Uniflair air-conditioning systems

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